EZ-Care Solution Co., Ltd. was originally founded in Taiwan in 1980, with the aim to improve the mobility and health of people.  After finding success in helping rehabilitate many satisfied customers, the company launched their brainchild, EZ-Care Pet in 2019 with the mission to help pet parents and other healthcare professionals work to improve the quality of life of elderly and dogs with reduced mobility. The EZ-Care Pet product line was created to service and rehabilitate dogs, providing supportive equipment especially for dogs with mobility challenges. Our vision statement is to maintain & improve the life quality of elderly dogs and respective pet owners. With the help of our products, you can now maintain the best quality of life for your fur friend! EZ-Care Pet is now proud to expand our product line to the worldwide market. Here at EZ-Care Pet, we know the wellbeing and happiness of your fur friend is just as important. Therefore, supporting and partnering with physical rehabilitation centres and veterinary clinics will remain our aim in providing all canines in need with the solution to continued mobility and tail wagging happiness. Here at EZ-Care Pet we understand, and we are here to help! 

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